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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for the degree?

If you meet the eligibility qualifications, contact a member of your local assembly.  If you do not know which assembly is affiliated with your council, contact your Grand Knight or view the affiliation list on this site.

What are the deadlines for the Degree?

For the 1999 degree, applications must be filed with your assembly before April 10, 1999.  Specific assemblies in the Archdiocese of Washington District may be concluding their recruiting drive earlier.  If you are a member of a council outside the Archdiocese of Washington, please have your Financial Secretary certify your membership application before forwarding to a local Navigator.  If you are joining an assembly outside the Archdiocese of Washington District and wish to take the degree here, contact your local district Master beforehand.

The deadline for all degree fees is April 14.  Candidates may acquire additional reservations for the banquet at $25.00 per person up to April 14.  Sorry, we cannot accept reservations after April 14.  Current Sir Knights may make banquet reservations until April 1 at the above rate, and with surcharge up to April 14.

Where is the degree going to be held?

At the University of Maryland Center for Adult Education, located at the corner of College Drive, Adelphi Road and University Blvd. (Rt. 193)

What is the dress for the day? Where can my wife change?

Candidates must wear black tuxedo, black footwear, plain white formal shirt, black tie.  Afternoon wear is recommended for ladies attending the social and ladies activities.  Evening wear is recommended for the banquet. Assemblies will have a dressing room for the ladies to change. Sir Knights are to wear the dress noted above with social baldric.

What accommodations are available for handicapped candidates?

If you have a disability, please contact the District staff so we can accommodate your needs.

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