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Fourth Degree Emblem

The Color Corps of the Knights of Columbus

The Color Corps of the Knights of Columbus are the uniformed members of the Fourth Degree.  They are the ones that are most noticeable at church and public functions, parades, etc.  They actually consist of two parts:

the Color Guard and

the Honor Guard

Honor Guardsmen are those members that have mastered the Manual of the Sword.  All others are Color Guard.

The Corps basically follows a Naval theme with ranks and insignias. Note the chapeaux, which are never called hats, and are similar to the old naval uniforms.

Cape colors are an indication of rank.  On the national level:

Vice Supreme Masters wear blue capes and chapeaux

Masters wear gold capes and chapeaux

District Marshals wear green capes and chapeaux

 Within the local assemblies, the Master sets the rules based upon the wishes of the Ordinary of the (arch)diocese.  Within the assembly the ranking Color Corps officer is called the Commander. They wear purple capes and chapeaux.  Faithful navigators whether a member of the corps or not are permitted to wear white capes and chapeaux.  Former Vice Supreme Masters, Former Masters, and Past Faithful Navigators are all permitted to wear their respective capes and chapeaux when they finish their term of office.

If you are presently a member of the 4th Degree and would be interested in joining the Color Corps contact your Faithful Navigator or Commanding Officer or you may use the E-mail address below for more information.

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