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Lord Baltimore Assembly No. 2470

Prince Frederick

While the idea of an assembly to serve the councils in Calvert County was first considered in the fall of 1993, it was not until September 22, 1996 that the idea developed momentum. At that time, seven Sir Knights met to discuss the need for an assembly and selected District Deputy Carl L. McClanahan to serve as the chairman of the Organizing Committee. A few weeks later, on October 11, the committee convened with approximately 25 Sir Knights from Calvert County with Former Master Phillip L. Nelson, Executive Assistant of the Archdiocese of Washington District and Assistants to the Master Cesar B. Martinez and Donald L. Theurer. At that time, the Sir Knights voted to create a new assembly, adopted by-laws, and elected the officers of the proposed assembly. After much discussion the assembly adopted the name Lord Baltimore Assembly in honor of George Calvert, first Lord Baltimore who had envisioned what is now the state of Maryland.

The next week, on October 17, the proposed officers met to prepare for the eventual institution of the new assembly. A total of 48 applications for transfer had been received by Sir Knights throughout the county. On November 11, 1996, Lord Baltimore Assembly was instituted by the Supreme Council, one of the first assemblies formed during the term of Supreme Master Charles H. Foos.

The charter officers of the assembly were Sir Knights: Faithful Navigator Carl L. McClanahan; Faithful Captain Joseph E. Brunner; Faithful Admiral Phillip L. Nelson; Faithful Comptroller Donald L. Theurer; Faithful Scribe Charles H. Smallwood; Faithful Purser David R. Wilson, Sr.; Faithful Pilot James W. Rank; Faithful Inner Sentinels Eugene T. Reimer and Laurence M. Donnelly; Faithful Outer Sentinels Earl S. Thorne and David R. Wilson, Jr.; and Faithful Trustees Robert T. Wahl, Jr., Ronald G. Nahas and George G. Ruppert. The Faithful Navigator appointed S/K Rev. Father Saverio T. Vitturino as Faithful Friar and Rev. Father Robert S. Grace and Deacon John F. Lynch as associate friars. In addition S/K Eugene T. Reimer was appointed Color Corps Commander and S/K Charles H. Smallwood as the Vice Commander.

The charter officers were installed on Friday, January 3, 1997 by Master George Hanna.

From its inception, our assembly leadership has been involved in the strengthening of fraternal ties among the membership. Regular socials are held quarterly. At the March, 1997 social, the ladies of the Sir Knights met to discuss forming a Fourth Degree auxiliary not only to assist the assembly in its goals, but also to involve the ladies in the work of the Knights of Columbus. The auxiliary officially elected officers on May 14, 1997 and adopted the name The First Ladies of the Fourth Degree. The officers of the auxiliaries are: President - Veronica Thorne; Vice President - Judy Brunner; Secretary - Tara Brunner; Treasurer - Patricia Nahas.

Since the formation of the assembly, the Color Corps has also been active in the community. It has participated at Confirmations at the local parishes as well as council installations and other activities. The most memorable event to date was the dedication of St. John Vianney Cemetery in Prince Frederick, officiated by James, Cardinal Hickey. As he noted at the dedication, it was the first cemetery he had dedicated in his 38 years as a bishop.

As the officers of the assembly had served less than a full term by the end of the fraternal year, they were re-elected to their various positions for a full term for the 1997-98 fraternal year.

During its first full year, the assembly had several additional transfers and five new members joined at the 1997 Fourth Degree Exemplification in College Park. The assembly was one of two that achieved its quota for the year. The membership of the assembly has 55 members at the beginning of 1998. The assembly draws its primary membership from Calvert Council No. 7870, North Beach, Our Lady Star of the Sea Council No. 9258, Solomons and Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Council No. 11259, Prince Frederick.

On November 15, 1998, the assembly held its first Charter Night with 60 Sir Knights and ladies in attendance. Master George Hanna presented the assembly with a certificate in recognition of its first year of service.

The assembly is not only young in age, but young in spirit. Members have developed a portable recruiting exhibit to visually present the assembly's story and the Fourth Degree to prospective candidates at Third Degrees and council meetings. Although a year old, we have undertaken a major goal to erect a memorial for the victims of abortion at St. Francis DeSales Church in Benedict and over time with Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Council No. 11259 provide a similar memorial at Jesus the Divine Word Church in Huntingtown. And the First Ladies of the Fourth Degree represent a valuable asset to the assembly, the only Fourth Degree ladies auxiliary in Maryland.

Another of our long term projects is to host a Calvert County Knights of Columbus web site not only for our assembly but also the councils in Calvert County. The first phase, brought on-line on December 27, 1997, includes numerous links to local, state and national government, flag organizations, and our fellow assemblies in the Archdiocese of Washington District. When complete, we hope each council in Calvert County will have its own home page on the site.


This history was written for the centennial issue of the Knights of Columbus in Maryland and will be printed in the book Columbianism in Maryland.

Past Faithful Navigators

SK Joseph A. Fernandez, PGK, FDD, PCP * Archbishop Michael J. Curley Assembly
SK Donald L. Theurer, PGK * Bishop James E. Walsh Assembly
SK Phillip L. Nelson, PGK, FM * Archbishop Michael J. Curley Assembly
SK Carl L. McClanahan, PGK, FDD * 1996-98 (Charter Faithful Navigator)
SK Joseph E. Brunner, PGK, FDD * 1998-99
SK James R. Rank, PGK * 1999-2000

* - Charter Member of Lord Baltimore Assembly

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