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Prince Frederick, Maryland

October 21, 1999

A Message from Our Faithful Navigator: James W. Rank

Dear Brother Knights,

On behalf of Lord Baltimore Assembly, No 2470, may I take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the support that each of you has given to the assembly thus far. We have had a very successful three months. During that time the assembly has had an installation of its officers, two assembly meetings, planning a flag raising program, planning to be involved in the fundraising for the World War II Memorial and have developed a tentative budget. Our outstanding Color Corps has been very active a s well. They have been involved in parades, Blessing of the Fleet at St. Clemens Island, installation of officers for both our assembly and Father Andrew White, the 100th Anniversary of the DC State Council, Columbus Day Activities and installation of officers for Our Lady Star of the Sea and Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Councils.

Due to many of our members, who have to travel a distance and have limited time, we are looking at the possibility of rotating the Assembly meetings within the council areas. The chair officers will be meeting to discuss the plausibility of rotating the Assembly meeting. If you have any suggestions, comments or want to discuss this, please attend the next meeting of the Assembly or contact me at (410) 257-3265. I really would like to hear what you think about this idea.

The Worthy Supreme Master, Brother Charles H. Foos has informed the Master and all Faithful Navigators of the Calvert Province that S/K Francis M. Feeley has been reappointed as Vice Supreme Master of Calvert Province. All matters that would be of concern to this District or Assembly are to be taken up with this Officer. This message was received from S/K Carl A. Anderson, Supreme Secretary.

Our faithful friend, Hurricane Floyd, blew the September meeting away. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused to anyone who came out for the meeting. We are looking forward to an exciting year and all the activities we participate in during this year.

As you know, it is my intention to ensure that the Assembly continues with the high standards that have been set by my predecessors. They were successful because there was great leadership among the officers and great support from you the membership. This makes the difference. Leadership, commitment and loyalty help make a solid program work and you will assure that these things happen.

Now that the new Assembly Year is fully operational, we have the charge of continuing to create new and exciting programs. With your help we can do this. One charge that out Past Faithful Navigator gave me after the election was over was to "Make it fun". I hope we can. Iím sure we can make it fun. With your help we can increase activities and be the patriotic and social organization desired by all organizations.

Let me interject again, this year will be just as great as last, and it can only happen with the support of our Ladies. They ere there through thick and thin. They support us at every opportunity. They have understanding when we were at meetings. They support the Color Corps and all the times the Color Corp participate in functions. They are there, by our side, at social functions put on by the Fourth Degree. For this we owe them a great deal of thanks. Life is much easier with them sharing our successes. Thanks Ladies for all you do for us.

Please be advised that the regular monthly meeting for the Assembly will be changed from November 18, 1999 to November 19, 1999. We are planning an awards/dinner meeting. Please look for details of this activity. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Sir Knights, March 12, 2000 will be the Exemplification of the Fourth Degree. The goal set by the Master is 200 Sir Knights. You should be aware that this is the millennium and a very special occasion. Further, this is the 100th Anniversary of the Fourth Degree. Our quota or goal for the Lord Baltimore Assembly is 10 new Sir Knights. Since this is a very special occasion, I charge you with asking brother knights to join our Assembly during this very special time. I am sure you can and will do it.

I would like to congratulate all the Sir Knights, brother knights, ladies and all that helped Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Council for their outstanding work in the car/truck Raffle fundraiser. This Council won 9th place in the State by increasing sales over $2,000 of last yearís total. For this they will be receiving a wall clock and a watch. Congratulations, gentlemen.

Gentlemen Sir Knights, remember our meeting nights. This is where we do all the planning for our activities, and so forth. We meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month unless otherwise changed for good reasons. The meeting starts at 7:30p.m. and is held at St. Francis DeSales Church hall in Benedict, MD.

Fraternally yours,

S/K James W. Rank, Faithful Navigator

Message from the President of the First Ladies of the Fourth Degree:

The First Ladies of the Fourth Degree are actively beginning their fraternal year with a big bang. We have begun by organizing a bus trip to Emmitsburg, MD to visit Mt. St. Maryís shrine to Our Lady. This is a chance for all our ladies to invite and bring their spouses to spend a day with Our Blessed Mother. The trip will be planned at our October meeting. We will be planning to make this trip in the very near future. Please let us know your reaction by giving us your input at the October and November meetings. Your ideas and participation are invaluable. Please join us and tell us what you think.

At each meeting, we ask each lady to assist us with supporting the Birth Right project by bringing a baby gift. These gifts are taken to the organization to support them in clothing the children that are so in need. This is a worthwhile activity and the more support we get from our ladies, the more we can support our children in need.

Ladies, another activity we provide is a gift basket to a needy family in the Fourth Degree Ladies Auxiliaryís activity area. We will collect food items at the November 19, 1999 award/dinner meeting. This event will take the place of the regular meeting. Please bring non-perusable items that will be used to fill the baskets for distribution.

I want to thank all of the ladies that have and will support this organization during this fraternal year. If you have any questions regarding any of these activities or have any ideas to offer, please feel free to call me at (410) 257-3265, Lady Charlene McClanahan at (410) 586-1920 or Lady Nancy B. Smallwood at (301) 855-1690 or (410) 535-2154


Lady Charlotte Rank, President

DIRECTORY UPDATE: We are in the process of updating and expanding the Lord Baltimore Assembly (LBA) membership directory. Please mail, E-mail the following information { Name, Address, Telephone Number, E-mail Address, Spouseís Name, 3rd Degree Council, Birthday, and Anniversary} to FN James Rank [410 Ė 257-3265; 2400 Ponds Wood Road, Huntingtown, MD 20639;] FP Charles Smallwood [ 410- 535-2154; 90 Turnabout Lane, Huntingtown, MD 20639;]; and FS Jose Baca [410-257-0254; 8082 Windward Key Drive, Chesapeake Beach, MD 20732;]. Thanking you in advance.

Color Corps Commanders Speaks

The Color Corp has been very active over the past 3 months. They were at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception on July 10th for a 10th District event. We participated in the following: the Bay Fest parade in North Beach on August 29, 1999, Labor Day Mass at the Basilica of National Shrine on September 5, 1999, Installation of Officer for the Father Andrew White Assembly at Immaculate Heart of Mary in Lexington Park on September 9, 1999, 100th Anniversary of the DC State Council at the Shrine on September 19, 1999, Blessing of the Fleet in Colton Point on October 3, 1999, Columbus Day Mass at Most Holy Rosary in Washington, DC, on October 10, 1999. I am very proud to be associated with this fine group of men who assisted at each of these activities. A few more good men to join the ranks are most welcomed. In addition the Color Corp supported:

The installation of Officers of Lady Star of the Sea Council No. 9258, on July 17th, following the 4:00 p.m. Mass. The dress was regular uniform with swords; and the installation of Officers at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Council No. 11259 on July 24th after the 5:30 p.m. Mass.

Commander McClanahan notes the LBA Color Corp is always looking for new members and encourages all members to at least give consideration to serving the Church and providing patriotic representation at community events. Carl said, the Corp has extra pieces of the uniform for your use until you purchase your own uniform. Please contact Carl at the meetings, by telephone (410 586-1920) or by his brand new E-mail (No simple boring address for Carl).

Reminder: Color Corps Members - Mark your calendar - The CC meets for practice at 6:00 p.m. prior to each LBA monthly meeting (3rd Thursday of the month Ė 7:30 p.m.) at St. Francis de Sales, Benedict.

Fraternally yours,

Carl M. McClanahan, Commander

The Officers of the Lord Baltimore Assembly

The Officers of the Lord Baltimore Assembly No. 2470 and the Ladies of the Fourth Degree for the Fraternal Year 1999-2000 were installed on Sunday, August 22, 1999.

The Assembly elected the following to be your officers for Fraternal year 1999-2000:

Faithful Friar S/K Rev. Saverio Vitturino

Faithful Associate Friars S/Ks Rev Robert S. Grace, Rev Mr. John F. Lynch

Faithful Navigator S/K James W. Rank, PGK

Faithful Captain S/K Laurence M. Donnelly

Faithful Pilot S/K Charles H. Smallwood

Faithful Admiral S/K Carl L. McClanahan, PGK, FDD, PFN

Faithful Comptroller S/K Phillip L. Nelson, PGK, PFN, FM

Faithful Purser S/K Earl S. Thorne

Faithful Scribe S/K Jose A. Baca

Faithful Inner Sentinels S/K Eugene T. Reimer

S/K Louis R. Cecchini

Faithful Outer Sentinels S/K John P. Lehane

S/K Joseph R. Daigle

Faithful Trustee 3 yr S/K Ronald J. Nahas

Faithful Trustee 2 yr S/K Lawrence J. Smialek, Jr., PGK

Faithful Trustee 1 yr S/K Robert T. Wahl, Jr., PGK

First Ladies of the Fourth Degree

We are pleased to announce the Ladies of the Fourth Degree elected:

President Lady Charlotte Rank

Vice President Lady Charlene McClanahan

Secretary Lady Eileen Baca

Treasurer Lady Patricia Nahas

Trustee Lady Judy Brunner

Trustee Lady Veronica M. Thorne

Outer Guard Lady Nancy Smallwood

Inner Guard Lady Elaine Donnelly

Collectorís Item, not really, but you may want to keep this copy to have a list of the new officers for the LBA and the First Ladies of the Fourth Degree for the Fraternal Year 1999-2000.

HELP NEEDED!!!! Every copy of the newsletter we send out costs the Assembly 33 cents. Thatís a $1.00 for every three. With our membership near 70 Sir Knights plus copies to the Senior leadership of the Fourth Degree, this amounts to over $20.00 per issue. We can save on this expense by E-mailing the newsletter to all Sir Knights that are on the Internet. Please send your E-mail address and name to Jose Baca at Help LBA conserve its limited resources for other projects.

Coming Soon: With the next issue, we will begin to introduce individual Sir Knights to the LBA membership. The Assembly brings together SKs from the three Councils in Calvert County. While we know the SKs in our Council, we probably donít know or at least not well, many of the SKs from the other Councils. We have an impressive and diverse membership in terms of ethnic backgrounds, professions, age and personal interests. Hopefully these sketches will make it easier for all of us to come to know our brother SKs and thus enrich the spirit, unity, and effectiveness of the Assembly. We will start by featuring the first of our four new Sir Knights and then move to other members of the Assembly. We will appreciate your cooperation in providing background information on yourself when you are to be featured.

Assembly Meeting October 21, 1999 St. Francis de Sales Hall

District Meeting: October 30, 1999 St. Mary of the Assumption

Fourth Degree Color Corps Practice

Assembly Award November 19, 1999 Place to be Announced

Ceremony and fall Dinner This event will take the place of the regular Assembly meeting.

Happy Thanksgiving November 25, 1999

Exemplification Practice January 15, 2000 St. Pius X Council

Exemplification Practice February 19, 2000 St. Pius X Council

December 5, 1999 -Little Sisters of the Poor Pound Party

Details to be given later

December, 1999 -St. Anne Infant Home, Details forhtcoming

MERRY CHRISTMAS December 25, 1999


STRICT DEADLINE February 15, 2000 All candidate applications, dinner reservations, ladies social and all fees/balances Exemplification of 4th Degree March 12, 2000 - College Park, Maryland

DO YOU WANT TO FLY YOUR PATRIOTISM?The Assembly is ready to begin installation of Flagpoles at your home or place of work. You can proudly display the flag of our great and wonderful country. The Assembly will provide poles, lanyards and a flag. This includes digging the hole and pouring the concrete. All you have to do is raise and lower your flag on a daily basis or have it lit on a 2-hour a day basis. Call Jim Rank to order and schedule the installation of your new flagpole.

The Newsletter is always available to publish any article, announcement, or facts related to the Knights of Columbus that you may wish to submit. If you have E-mail, please submit you information to Jose Baca in Microsoft Word.

World War II Memorial: The Assembly is considering if has a role in raising funds to build a WWII Memorial in the Nationís Capitol. SK Donald Theurer is our point man on the patriotic project. Come to the next meeting and letís discuss if and what or role will be.

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This Issue Features:
Messages from the Faithful Navigator and President of the First ladies; Color Corp Commanderís Comments; World War II Memorial; Coming Events & New Projects

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