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The Fourth Degree of the Knights of Columbus

At a National Council meeting in 1899, it was determined that an additional ceremonial degree was needed that would represent patriotism.  The initial Exemplification, as the degree is called, was held on February 22, 1900.  It was scheduled to be in the Astor Hotel, however when the class reached in excess of 1,100 candidates, it was moved to the Lenox Lyceum, a temporary wooden structure.

Members were originally part of local councils.  In 1910 a restructuring of the order separated them and called the groups, Assemblies.  The Chain of Command is similar to that of the lower degrees, with different titles.  At the Supreme level, the top man is the Supreme Master.  Areas are divided into, Provinces, headed by a Vice Supreme Master.  Provinces in turn are divided into Districts, with Masters in charge.  The Calvert Province consists of the District of Columbia and the states of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.  We are part of the Archdiocese of Washington District, within the District of Columbia and Maryland counties of Calvert, Charles, Montgomery, Prince George's and St. Mary's.  This District embodies approximately 2,000 Fourth Degree members from 60 councils.

Assemblies are similar to the council, and many are named after patriots, war heroes, etc. The Chair Officers are: the presiding officer called a Navigator, then a Captain, the Pilot, which is the Warden on a council level, and the Admiral, always the immediate Past Faithful Navigator.

The other officers are:

To be eligible to become a Fourth Degree member you must be a Third Degree for one year and you must be sponsored.  Exemplifications are usually held one or two times a year.  If you are interested in becoming a Fourth Degree Knight see your council representative for an application and full details. You may also visit the other pages of our website for more information.

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